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Document your SQL Server databases

Save a Report as a PDF File

Developer Notes

To be added to the Analyzer developer project:

  1. Join CodePlex
  2. email Crystal with your username for CodePlex, your name and location including time zone, reason for wanting to be on the team, and experience with Access (no experience but strong desire to learn is okay) ~ thanks

all help is volunteer to share with the worldwide Access community ~

DEVELOPERS -- read the Developer Log here :

Your contributions and ideas are welcome. Incorporation into the master database being distributed will be faster if objects you post are well-renamed. What you post will be available to all in the form you posted as long as it complies with the following rules:

  • Work must be your own or publicly available
  • Source of public code is documented with author(s) and link (or other reference) in code comments
  • Your work is given voluntarily in the spirit of Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)
  • This is a free project and will remain free
  • What you submit has been tested unless a special note is made
  • Contributions must be appropriate for the Analyzer
  • Code you submit (including modifications) includes your name or screen name, date, and remarks in comment lines
  • Objects you create or modify have a hidden Label control with your name or screen name, date, and remarks if there is no code (not necessary if information is in code -- only use if there is no code).

Thank you ~

below will be kept for reference ONLY ... for a little while ...

Naming convention for Database Masters

master database incorporating tested changes will be called


yymmdd represents the date. This can be expanded to include a time stamp. For instance:
120604_1800 is 4-June-2014 at 6:00 pm

Aut indicates the author

The current SourceCode for download is called:


Naming convention for Databases with Object(s)

Rather than post an entire new database, isolate your changes into a separate database container by:

  1. make a blank well-named database
  2. Import changed object(s)

If your upload contains a form or report with its supporting code,

  1. start filename with Obj_ to make it clear it contains objects to import to the master database
  2. indicate the form and report name(s)

For example:


When you design a new form or report, name it well. For example:

a_ indicates an Analyzer object
r_ indicates a report
DeepAnalysis is the report name
mod means this is a module
Analyzer_110 is Analyzer TestID
LookupFields is the Testname

Naming convention for new code modules

If your addition is code, upload the new or changed BAS files. If the module is your own library (containing the functions and related functions for your addition), name like this:



bas means a personal library you are sharing
Crystal will be substituted for your name
RunSQL_130501 will be substituted with your description and version

If you are writing a new test for the Analyzer, name it like this:



mod indicates a module
Analyzer means the module was written for the Analyzer
0 and 101 are TestIDs as defined in the aTests table_
ObjectSummary and ValueAnalysis are short for test names as defined in aTests_

between the time you submit your test and the Analyzer master is updated, it is possible that the TestID may change.

if you are changing an existing module, name you new module like this:


yymmdd is the date stemp you are submitting the change
Aut is the code for yourself, the author
original-module-name is the orginal module name. If the name becomes too long, use your best judgement to truncate it

Steps to Export module

From the Visual Basic Editor, one way to export a module is to Right-Click with the mouse on the module name in the project explorer and choose File, Export File ... (shortcut = Ctrl-E) then choose where it will be saved and what it will be called.

While there is not currently a video tutorial for exporting a module, importing a module from a text file is covered here:

"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece" -- Chinese fortune cookie


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