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Hi all

Jun 9, 2014 at 3:01 PM
My name is Jim. I bought an IBM PC in 1982 (after working a second job as a security guard for six months so I could afford it). When I left the Navy in 1984, I worked full time at a satellite earth station while going to college for Computer Engineering. I've been learning about and working with Access since version 1.1.

The first application I created with Access was while working for the FBI in Washington, DC. The application allowed first responders at a crime scene to enter data and leads as soon as possible so that the information could be shared among all agencies at the site.

Most of my early Access work was self-taught, but I was able to attended about a dozen Access developer conferences (when I could get the government to send me). Going to those help fill in what I hadn't found on my own and showed me what a great like program Access is.

I've since switched government agencies and now work for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) near Baltimore, MD. Most of my current Access work is doing data transformation which I refer to as shoveling data (kind of like what the stokers did on the Titanic). Most of the applications I've written to support this is to automate repetitive tasks, for example, I create seventeen different enrollment reports that are posted monthly. The first few months it took a couple days to gather the data and create the reports. After automating most of the tasks, I've gotten it down to two hours.

In recent years I've done a lot of Office programming from Access. Mostly having Access format Excel exports, creating documentation in Word or sending emails with attachments in Outlook. I've also created a few small standalone applications at CMS to help co-workers answer questions from health plans concerning their Star Ratings.

When I'm not busy shoveling data or working on Star Ratings, I teach Access to my co-workers so that they can fish for themselves.