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The Analyzer documents databases, which can be SQL Server or other big data -- and Access too, of course. Simply link to tables from Access if that is not where the tables are. The Analyzer is useful for users, developers, designers, managers, and more.  The Analyzer is menu-driven and easy to use.  It generates essential reports with important information about your database(s).  Use the Analyzer to create a list of table names, see what tables and fields are being used along with statistics, and more.  The Analyzer also makes available its data for you to use however you wish.  As a developer, this is invaluable.

The latest version of the Analyzer is specifically designed to help analyze big data, like databases that have links to SQL Server tables. Yes, the Analyzer easily documents what you have in SQL Server! Create a database with links to the SQL Server (or other big data) tables. Save the username and password in the connect string (you can delete the Access database after the Analyzer is done). It just takes awhile to run if you have a lot of data and choose the Value Analysis test. While running, you will see "Not Responding". This is normal and nothing to be concerned about.

Instructions for analyzing SQL Server databases:

The Analyzer gets a ton of information about your tables, fields, indexes, and relationships.  It also reads what is defined for forms and reports -- names, sources, controls, groups, sections, conditional formatting, and more.  

A new update will be posted soon that:
1. fixes a couple statistics
2. adds dbSeeChanges
3. has better error trapping and reporting when tables aren't there
4. adds a looping feature so that multiple databases can be analyzed at one time.

A new developer has joined the team. Welcome, Charlotte

Watch the 5-minute DEMO VIDEO on YouTube:

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64-bit and OpenBypass (written by Adrian Bell) added by James Ranck (SuperShadow). Testing and bug reporting by José Dumoulin. Help from Henry Habermacher.  vbWatchdog for error handling and reporting, spash screen, and sort bug fixed by Wayne Phillips. Date issues fixed by Graham Mandeno.   These are awesome enhancements! Fantastic work!

If you have issues with downloads, clear Read-only checkbox and click Unblock for the File Properties (right-click file and choose Properties).  Compile database on your machine.

The current Analyzer source code is here: CodeDocumenter__Analyzer_SourceCode_NonCommercial.HTM There are > 50,000 lines so give it a few minutes to load.  This web page was created by the Code Documenter, which is a great companion for the Analyzer.

The Analyzer is an Access database. Previous versions are posted on

What is posted here, on CodePlex, is intended for developer collaboration.  All are welcome, of course, to download patches and updates.  Comments, ideas, and contributions are appreciated, thank you.

It is recommended, as a general rule, to put the initial Analyzer download after unzipping into a reference folder you can find again.  When you want to analyze a project that is not related to other projects you have analyzed, make a copy of the blank Analyzer database to your project folder and then run the Analyzer.

The Analyzer is distributed as one file for ease of development.  Splitting tables into a back-end is your option.

What does the Analyzer do?

The Analyzer shows you what is in your database ... tables, fields, properties, relationships, indexes, ... data ... forms and reports, ....  Looking at data is just as important as looking at structure.  The Analyzer provides a way to document, understand, and optimize your database. Because it can also analyze the data that is stored, the more records you have in the database when you analyze it, the more the Analyzer can tell you.  Analyzing the same database on a regular basis is valuable to compare the number of records and value statistics in each table.

The 5 basic Analyzer reports are:

  • Table Summary
  • Deep Analysis (Data Dictionary + Value Analysis)
  • Field List
  • Table Indexes
  • Relationships

Additional reports include:

  • Lookup Fields
  • Database Information
  • Linked Databases
  • Table Detail
  • Field Statistics
  • Object Summary
  • Form Record Sources
  • Form Control RowSources
  • Font Styles
  • LOOK in Form Control or Row Source (prompts for a parameter). 

There are more than 50 reports, including reports to aggregate information about multiple databases.

What do you want to see? The Analyzer probably gets the data you need and if not, consider developing another Test for it.

How much does the Analyzer cost?

The Analyzer is free. All development is volunteer.

Development Team

Crystal started the Analyzer 20 years ago in Access Basic.  When the Analyzer got converted to Access 97, the Indexes report was added, the last of the 5 Basic Analyzer Reports.  Over the years, "with the addition of several other authors, it has grown to be the signature program of its kind." said Arvin, who has also written lots of documentation programs.

This CodePlex developer project is the first time Analyzer source code is being shared publicly.   All serious and courteous developers, current and future, are openly invited to share, no matter what your level of expertise.

The Analyzer project needs

  • expert help to code additional tests, write an interface to make it easier to incorporate new and changed objects from others, and more
  • interested people of all levels to create reports and test code
  • feedback from users
  • ideas from all ~

Code and suggestions for the Analyzer have come from many including Crystal, Allen Browne, Bill Mosca, Mark Davis, A.D. Tejpal, Wayne Phillips, Arvin Meyer, Terry Kreft, Stephen Lebans, Tom Wickerath, Brent Spaulding, Kent Gorrel, Adrian Bell, Anders Ebro Christensen, Matthias Hagedorn, Patricia Hartman, Pat Wood, Jack Leach, Jack Cowley, Randy Dorian, David Pimental, Richard Mullen, Angel Matos, Tom van Stiphout, Thomas Möller, John Mishefske, Henry Habermacher, James Ranck, José Dumoulin, Graham Mandeno ... and many more ~ thank you ~

*** This project welcomes new members ***

All work is volunteer

Analyzer team on CodePlex

strive4peace (Crystal) - USA

angeljesus14 (Angel) - Sydney, Australia

AdrianBellMVP (Adrian) - Shirley, UK

kentgorrell (Kent) - Brisbane, Australia

motw (Matthias) - Germany

ong14 (Olaf) - Germany

PatHartman (Patricia) - Connecticut, USA

argeedsvcs (Glenn) - Ontario, Canada


SuperShadow (Jim) - Maryland, USA

MarkDavis (Mark, CyberCow) - Michigan, USA

YossiDukes (Yossi) - Ontario, Canada

datAdrenaline (Brent) - Virginia, USA

JennyDuskey (Jenny) - Pennsylvania, USA

dorianr (Randy) - Colorado, USA

robcube (Rob) - Colorado, USA

EdPerkins_jr (Ed) - Minnesota, USA

TonyToews (Tony) - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

HenryHabermacher (Henry) - Phuket, Thailand
ArvinMeyer (Arvin) - Florida, USA
PatWood (Pat) - North Carolina, USA
Voodoo37 (José) - La Chapelle-Blanche-Saint-Martin, France
GrahamMandeno (Graham)  - Auckland, New Zealand
wayne_phillips (Wayne) - Cheshire, UK
Tallen1 (Tom Allen) - Pennsylvania, USA
adriansoper (Adrian Soper) - United Kingdom
JohnnieSko (John Skolits) - Virginia, USA
Charl0tteFoust (Charlotte) - California, USA

Are you interested?

Join our team! Developer Notes are in the Documentation for the Analyzer

To be added:

  1. Join CodePlex
  2. Email strive4peace2010 at with
    - CodePlex username
    - Name
    - Reason for wanting to be on the team
    - Experience with Access*
    - Location

* all with a love for Access and desire to share freely are welcome to contribute no matter what your experience.  thank you ~~

Great efforts have been made to provide a structure for the code and features to make the Analyzer modular so it is easy to isolate code you want to focus on and add to.  It is the hope that you and the Access developer community will come together and expand the Analyzer to freely share with everyone.

If you look at the Analyzer results in the tables after you have run some tests, no doubt you will notice many things you'd like on a report .. or other tests you'd like to run.  Your ideas and help are welcome!

The biggest thing lacking is reports! The Analyzer generates lots of information that is not currently on any report.  Building reports is a great way to help. 

While many have collaborated the Analyzer, this is the first time it is being posting on a developer site.  Helpful advice is welcome and appreciated.

Please consider joining the developer team and sharing back to the Access community.

Analyzer Issues

Issues have been added with more to come.  Thank you all for great suggestions through email, PMs, in person, and other ways ~

There are several problems and wishes listed on the Issues page.  Feel free to add your comments and ideas!

If you have issues with downloads, clear Read-only checkbox and click Unblock for the File Properties (right-click file and choose Properties).  Compile database on your machine.

Analyzer Help

5-minute DEMO VIDEO on YouTube:

All suggestions, comments are welcome ... and of course your help! thank you ~


"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."
 --   Isaac Newton

Through sharing, we will all get better
~ have an awesome day ~



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